Revealed: What REALLY Goes Into a Jar of Nutella (The Quantity of Sugar May Shock You)

This viral image claims that is showing precisely what is going on in the jar of Nutella – and it may scare you.

It reveals how much of each constituent goes into the jar and that approximately half of the jar is made of white sugar. On the other hand nutritional information suggests that the jar is actually containing more than that. It follows recent Nutella cancer panic after the report that said the palm oil is carcinogenic.

As a replacement for the usual chocolate-hazelnut spread, this image shows the well-known jar; filled with layers of the brand’s 5 main ingredients; all in their raw form: palm oil, skimmed milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar.

Shockingly, half of the jar is packed with white sugar.

The picture goes viral on social media; and it follows recent Nutella cancer scare, which ascended after information by the EFSA – European Food Safety Authority stated that the palm oil is more carcinogenic than any other oil.

However, Nutella denied all of this, saying that the palm oil that they use is of high quality and safe for eating. They do not deny or confirm that the new viral image across-the-board accurately signifies the amounts of ingredients in every jar of the spread. They also said that their recipe is a highly-guarded secret.

But the nutritional information on the jars reveals that every 15g of the spread contains 8.5g of sugar. This means that every 400g jar contains a huge 227.2g.

That is same as 75g sugar cubes for one jar – more than half of the weight of the jar.

Among the other ingredients there is also the controversial palm oil.

Nutella insist to keep this oil often claiming that the taste won’t be the same without it. It has smooth texture and provides long shelf life of the jars.

Moreover, palm oil is as well the low-priced oil in the market. If Ferrero switches this ingredient that may cost them extra $8 million a year.

Ferrero, Nutella’s manufacturers added that the labelling on their products enables consumers to make informed choices and helps certify that Nutella can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet.

Of the recent cancer scare, they added; ‘The health and safety of consumers is a complete and first priority for Ferrero. We can also confirm that Ferrero products are safe.

European Food Safety Authority had analyzed the existence of waste product in a large number of oils and products. They declared that the attendance of contaminants is determined by the oils and fats that are used; as likely as the processes they are exposed to.

Ferrero states that they carefully select class raw materials and uses specific industrial processes that limit their presence to minimum levels; corresponding with the parameters which are defined by the EFSA. In addition, they say ‘‘Our quality team continually monitors such factors and also guarantees the food safety of all of our products to the consumer”.

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