Apple is one of the most cultivated trees in the world. The flowers bloom in May. They are white or pale pink, and the fruits are seasoning from July to October, depending on the variety of apple. The fruit is refreshing, sour-sweet taste and has a characteristic smell.
There are many varieties of apples (about 7.000), different in taste, color, constancy or turgidity. About 82% of the fruit is made of water, 12% carbohydrates (fructose, glucose and sucrose), proteins 1% and fats. Moreover, it contains fiber (pectin), organic acids (determines the taste of apples – sweet or sour), essential and non-essential amino acids (in small quantities), vitamins and minerals.
It is recommended to consume apple at least once or twice a day. That is because it reduces the level of fats in the blood, favorably affects cholesterol levels, and prevents atherosclerosis and the occurrence of heart attack. Also, some studies have shown that this fruit is good for lowering the pressure.
Since apple contains intricate food fibers such as pectin, absorbs water and toxic substances, thereby cleans our body and acts favorably against constipation and diarrhea.
Apple a day is also good for your teeth. With its ingestion refreshes the mouth and reduces feeling of hunger. That is why every night before bedtime you should eat at least one apple.
appleApples are found in every diet for weight reduction. Because they contain pectin, they give a feeling of satiety. Moreover, it contains fructose that meets the needs of sugar in the body without any major change in the level of blood sugar.
Some recent studies show that tannin acid in the apple has a significant impact on fat metabolism and prevents their fitting in the liver.
Apple juice is a refreshing drink that positively affects human health. That’s  because it has the same medicinal properties as well as the fruit. Besides juice, you can find apple in apple brandy, jam, cookies, compote, chips, apple wine and vinegar.