Compulsory check: Place Apples in Hot Water and if This Appears They are Cancerous

Apples are so healthy and delightful; it really is no wonder that they are a very popular snack. All you have to do is give them a quick wash and pack them. But after watching this video, maybe you’ll change your mind.

Seemingly, many producers will coat their apples with wax to help reserve the fruit. This is particularly true for apples that are found at grocery stores. Some experts say that wax is harmless, as it’s not digested by our system.

But others say that the real danger lies in the pesticide residue that the wax may have stuck in. Next time you buy apples, it might be worth finding out just how much wax coating there is. Do you want to get rid of the wax? Try scrubbing your apple in a bath of warm water, lemon juice, and baking soda!

Apples are one of the fruits that are most intoxicated with pesticides – apples are sprayed up to 12 times a year until harvest.

Then, quite usual process is immersion in wax, which seemingly makes apples better and keeps them from decay.

Experts advise that it is best to buy apples from inspected organic production, but if this is not a possibility for you, then it is best to peel of the apple.

Be Careful when eating apples

Don’t eat the skin of the apple because it’s coated with wax. Check before you eat many of the fruits. Wax is being used for preservation purposes and cold storage. You might be surprised especially apples from USA and other parts are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Becox wax is coated, preventing bacteria to enter. So it does not get dry. Please eat apple only after removing the wax.

The following video reveals how warm water removes deposits of wax, dirt and chemicals from apples that are toxic to our body.