You Can Fight and Cure Arthritis with These Natural Oils and Herbs

Arthritis is infection and stiffness of the joints. It is very hurting condition and it can affect one or many joints. There are more than 150 kinds of arthritis – rheumatic conditions. It usually affects people of a certain age, most commonly middle age and it usually starts affecting people who are over the age of fifty.

Having this disease really limits the things you can do. It is very hard to use your fingers or hands, and it can be extremely painful, particularly when arthritis is in your knees, ankles or legs.

Staying physically active really helps prevent arthritis; walking and swimming are exceptional exercises to do, as well as yoga or Pilates. It is important not to be overweight, stay in good shape.

The causes for this disease vary depending on the kind of arthritis. It can appear old age, injury, immune system dysfunction or infection. Lyme disease can also result in arthritis.

How does one treat arthritis?

There are numerous powerful drugs that can treat arthritis, and a wide assortment of bandaging and splints. This kind of medication can be great help but they can also leave awful side effects.

Arthritis is a horrifying disease. Great help in preventing it is healthy diet, consistent exercise and including some of the herbs we are about to present into your diet:


Ginger is a brilliant herb with so many healing properties. It has very strong complexes which result in its very robust taste. These complexes have also tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. If you grating fresh ginger in your tea you will boost your immune system but you will also reduce inflammation and swelling.

People who are suffering from arthritis must have at least one cup of ginger tea daily. Combine it with mint and lemon to achieve delicious taste.


Turmeric is the yellow powder from the flowering turmeric plant. It is a solid antioxidant and it can be used for preventing cancer or help in the retrieval of cancer. It is an excellent immunity booster with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. You can make a turmeric tea but you can also take capsules. If you ingest turmeric orally in form of a tablet you can fight joint pain.

Green tea

Green tea is a very common drink between the health aware people, especially people who are suffering from cancer. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and also helps with weight loss and brain function. Green tea can particularly slow down the beginning of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These both diseases are usually associated with people of a certain age. Green tea has been found to be outstanding in treating arthritis as has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Besides green tea there are also tinctures and tablets available.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is excellent in the treatment of skin diseases, sunburn and eczema. This herb is very much used in the alternative medicine because of its healing and soothing qualities. Apply Aloe Vera cream or gel topically to aching joints and you will get instant relief. There are abundantly Aloe Vera products on the market, drinks, oils and creams, and it is well worth considering them.


Boswellia oil comes from the Boswellia tree, original to India. It essentially comes from the gum of the tree and is apprehended in high respect by natural health specialists because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It works in a way that block’s leukotriene. Leukotrienes are the constituent that attack healthy joints in auto immune diseases, initiating arthritis. You can take boswellia naturally, in a tea, but it is also obtainable in a topical cream or capsule form.

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