Aspirin is the most commonly used drug for pains. Probably you have it in your home to. Excellent against general pain but also reduces fever. Studies show that aspirin can dramatically reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in heart patients. At first it was made of willow bark as a natural analgesic and has a long history.

Hippocrates recommended to his patients in attention about the treatment of headache. Salicylic acid, the active ingredient of aspirin was isolated by Felix Hoffmann in 1897. Today the annual consumption of this product is approximately 52,000 tones worldwide.

Aspirin1Besides its properties to relieve pain, aspirin prevents dandruff. Salicylic acid has great hydrating properties that work incredibly well against dandruff. Smash 2-3 aspirines into powder and mix in your shampoo. Use shampoo as usual.

Salicylic acid is also a good for skin health. Removes dead skin cells, cleans pores, and reduces swelling and redness. Crush 5 aspirines into powder and mix with a cup of water and a tablespoon of honey. Once a week wash your face with this mixture. The same can also be used to remove stains from clothes. Apply, leave on for several minutes and then wash as usual.

Common is the use of aspirin for a headache, migraine and acnes, muscle inflammation, cracked heels, age spots on the face, circulation, veins and etc.

If you use to improve your health condition consider consulting a doctor.