Never Ever Throw Away Avocado Seeds Again!!!

We are all making the same mistake over and over again. And that is, as much as we love and enjoy eating avocados we don’t pay attention of the seeds – we throw them away.

The thing most of people are unaware of is that the seeds are extremely healthy. There are 60% of amino acids in this fruit, and also it contains more fiber that any other fruit does.

According to a study by Pennsylvania State University it has been revealed that avocado seeds are used medicinally for generations.

This mostly unused component of the fruit holds phenolic compounds, known to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and many other degenerative illnesses.

Here are the most important health benefits of avocado seeds:

  • The avocado seeds have powerful anti – inflammatory properties.
  • They are very good in prevention and treatment of arthritis.
  • Avocado seeds soothe inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, treats diarrhea and stomach issues.
  • Owing flavonol content, the avocado seeds are very effective in the fight against cancer
  • Latest research initiate that the avocado seeds are high in collagen, so they efficiently tighten and rejuvenate the skin.
  • They can energize your body and provide you the strength that you need for your whole day.
  • These astonishing seeds will help you to burn excess body fat rapidly, and they will also provide you a feeling of fullness. Everything you need to do is to put some seeds into your salads, shakes or smoothies.


Reminder: some people can develop an allergic reaction to the avocado seeds or avocados in general. These kinds of allergies can appear in two ways: People with tree – pollen allergy can experience some local symptoms in their mouth and throat right after consumption of this fruit.

In the second situation, which situation is called latex-fruit syndrome because it’s linked to latex allergy, the person may possibly experience symptoms like stomachache, vomiting or generalized urticarial. This can even be life-threatening.