Russian Scientists Were Holding Five People Awake for 30 DAYS: They Didn’t Expect That This Will Happen!

Sleep is absolutely one of the vital parts of our lives. These essential hours of sleep each night give us the strength to get through the day. The lack of sleep can have serious consequences on the physical and mental state.

When Russian scientists performed an experiment that tried to keep people awake for several weeks, the result was absolutely terrible.

In the late 1940s, five people who were considered enemies of the state by the Russian government were selected to participate in an experiment to lack of sleep. The goal was to use small doses of an experimental gas that could eliminate the need for sleep in humans.

Subjects were kept indoors so the researchers were not exposed to the gas, and the prisoners had only microphones so they can communicate. They had books, toilet and running water, enough food for each for the whole month.

The first three days, everything went well, and the prisoners were given a false promise that if they were cooperative and do not sleep for 30 days, will be exempted. Given that all discussions and work were recorded, scientists have noticed that the prisoners openly were beginning to talk about the trauma they had. After four days, the talks have become darker.

By the fifth day, the prisoners began to have paranoia, began to complain of former decisions taken under certain circumstances. Instead of talking to each other, they began to whisper into microphones. Apparently, they thought that they can gain the confidence of researchers by turning against other prisoners.

After 10 days, they started screaming. For exactly 3 hours, prisoner was running up and down the room and loudly screaming. When the voice began to weaken, doctors have concluded that there has been a breakout of patient’s vocal cords.

Even those subjects, who were still alive, were missing parts of their skin and flesh – wounds that apparently were self-inflicted. Even the most experienced soldiers were afraid to carry corpses.

An incredible work of violence occurred when they tried to rescue the prisoners, one of whom was killed in the process. When they were asked why they behave like that, they got a chilling sentence in response:

“I have to stay awake.”

Soon, soldiers and scientists started to shoot at the prisoners. Only one of the original five survived. “What are you?” asked the scientist.

“Have you forgotten so easily?” asked the prisoner with a smile. “We are you.” The scientist then shot the prisoner right in the heart. Shocking, but the prisoner was able to utter the last words: “So … close…Freedom.”