Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Social Life: Simple Solutions!

Bad breath is always pointed as one of the most uncomfortable concerns. It causes embarrassment, discomfort and anxiety in the establishment of close contacts. Unfortunately, bad breath is a very common problem that we all have faced at some point in life. Bad breath can ruin your life. The good news is that it there are simple solutions.

Bad breath is the result of millions of bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria have come from many things that we eat during the day or for neglecting oral hygiene.

If you do not get enough water, the flow of your saliva will be reduced which will lead to concentrated smell in your breath. Therefore, always carry a bottle of water, there is no excuse! Dry mouth is one of the most common causes of bad breath. Juice or coffee does not keep your mouth moist, rather drink water. The water will stimulate the production of saliva which serves as a natural mouth scavenger. Unpleasant morning breath is due to dry mouth. During sleep the production of saliva is reduced almost to half. As a result it shows bad breath in the morning.

In the cleaning of the tongue you should pay as much time as tooth brushing. Scraper is designed to remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the tongue.

A glass of red wine can help with bad breath. Studies have shown that drinking wine can prevent the growth of bacteria. Just make sure that you have water along to avoid staining the tongue.

Coffee and alcohol can dry out the mouth and contribute to the emergence of unpleasant breath. It is best to replace coffee with tea, which contains polyphenols that prevent bacteria growth, and minimize alcohol consumption.

Cut out carbs. Carbohydrates produce ketones, which can cause bad odor in the mouth.

Eat vegetables. Vegetables neutralize acid that create unpleasant smell in the mouth.

Hold up to apples and other fruits which can serve as a natural toothbrush.

Parsley contains chlorophyll, a refreshing breath mint.

Take probiotics. Probiotics provide the necessary enzymes that can help in digestion of food and reduce fermentation in the stomach. Use spray refreshing breath. They also contain xylitol, as well as zinc chloride, eucalyptol and Vitamin C.

Rinse your mouth with sage tea.

To get a more realistic idea of how others perceive your breath, do the following:

Take a spoon and place it deep in your mouth (as deep as you can behind the neck) and scratch the language. Probably the spoon will be filled with a thick white substance. Smell the substance. That is how your breath smells to the people around you.

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