Doctors Are Surprised: This Seed Control Diabetes and regenerate 100% the Function of Liver and Kidney

People usually use this seed to feed their birds! But then again, do you know that people can also use and ingest this seed.

This extremely healthy seed is also known as birdseed or canary seeds. The reason for this is that this seed holds high amounts of enzymes and amino acids, which are enormously useful for the human body.

This type of seed comprehends large amounts of the enzyme lipase. This enzyme is tremendously valuable for digestion, because breaks down fat cells, so they can be rapidly absorbed through the intestines.

This enzyme has high nutritional value, but also helps to reduce the symptoms of celiac disease and indigestion. The quantity of protein found in the seeds is easy digested and less harmful for the human body. Many experts claim that this type of seed comprehends different types of plant proteins and that is very useful in slowing down the aging process.

It regenerates the pancreas and will help you control the diabetes. Enzymes that are contained in these seeds are truly great natural remedy, and they are also very useful in the reduction of swelling of internal organs, like liver, kidneys and pancreas.

Moreover, this seed is very beneficial in reducing excess fluids from the body; and is actually effective in the treatment of hypertension.

It also helps with many other health problems, like gastritis, gout, gastric ulcer, edema, swollen belly, obesity and cellulite. Furthermore, it removes cirrhosis by growing the number of hepatocytes in the liver.


Soak 5 tbsp. of seeds in water and leave them to stay overnight. First thing in the morning, remove the water and put the soaked seeds into a blender. Add then a little milk or fruit if you desire and mix it well.

This way prepared milk is extremely nutritious and it’s very beneficial energetic drink with which you can start and also finish your day. When you consume it at night time, you’ll have to drink it while it’s still warm.

Before you use this recipe please first consult your doctor.