Researchers Suggest That Cancer Is Purely a Man-Made Disease

Several researchers from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom have finally came to the assumption that cancer is one hundred percent a modern man made disease.

According to statistics in the United Kingdom factually over 140,000 people die from cancer each year. This means that at least one in every three people is going to be diagnosed with cancer, which doesn’t sound so good.

These researchers are studying things like fossils, mummies and classical literature. Maybe this seems strange but it is very important. Their results came up with a conclusion that tumors themselves were infrequent until recent times.

This can only mean that tumors most likely came about when poor diet and pollution grow into a big issue. Tissues from many Egyptian mummies were studied and they found no sign of cancer in any of them excluding one that is most likely indifferent.

The top of an argue between some scientists is that the Egyptians didn’t  exist long enough to develop cancer, but the researchers overshadowed this by making a point that other age related diseases were found. Some of them stated that fossil evidence of cancer is not firm evidence of its existence at all. Literature has not provided many examples of cancer.

And the ones it has are broadly in doubt and mainly found in animals. Many manuscripts from ancient Egypt were in fact filled with issues that appeared cancer-like. But they were all found to be something more like varicose veins and leprosy.

Greeks were actually the first to define cancer as a disease.

According to many evidences Greeks were most likely the first to explain cancer as a disease itself. They were the first to distinguish the difference between a malignant and benign tumor. The initial reports of distinctive tumors come from the past two thousand years.

Only in the seventeenth century existed recorded descriptions of operations for breast and other cancers. If you really consider about the lack of health care back then, there should be a lots of evidence of cancer but there is no such thing.

Cancer is something that appears to be clearly man made and if you make your own research I’m sure you are going to be even more convinced.

You can find the research at this link: Nature

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