Cannabis Oil That Cures Cancer

See how to make a drug with what the biggest fighter in the world to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes, Rick Simpson, cured more than 4,000 people with cancer.

This self-taught doctor has placed his recipe on his website

The idea is to encourage people sharing this recipe for cannabis oil that cured him from the most serious form of skin cancer eleven years ago.

This oil duty according to Simpson is a proven cure for diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis…

The recipe is as follows:

Place the completely dried herb in a plastic container.

Moisten the plant to use solvents such as pure oil, but the bucket of 170 liters costs about 360 euros. You can use 99 percent isopropyl alcohol that can be found in the pharmacy. Alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant rather than oil. Therefore, the oil made from alcohol is darker. If the procedure is performed correctly, the oil will be residues of solvent or there will be very little.

Mash the material of the plant, using a wooden stick or similar tools.

Herbal material should be completely submerged. Crush it with the stick. While it works, THC is separated from plants in solvent.

All this make it for about 5 minutes.Cannabis

Slip the mixture oil / solvent-free in another bowl. You have already recovered about 80 percent THC from the herbal material.

Again add solvent in the herbal material and crush another 3 minutes to remove the remaining 20 percent THC.

Pour the mixture oil / solvent in the container which already contains the first mixture you have previously made.

Discard the herbal material that you mention THC.

Drain the mixture oil / solution through a filter coffee in a clean container.

Dry the solvent.

Add the mixture into a bowl to ¾ volumes. The places in which you will prepare the product should be well ventilated.

Place the pot to warm.

Add the mixture in the bowl.

When all the solution has evaporated, add a few drops of water in the mixture. The amount of water you add depends on how much plant material you had in the beginning. If oil is produced than half of good plant material, add about 10 drops of water.

When in the dish remains around 25 mm mixture oil / solvent put gloves and slowly rotate the dish to mix the solution.

Turn the container until the solution evaporates. Water droplets aid in evaporation of the solution and the rest kept somewhat too strong heating oil. The oil temperature should never outspoken 140 degrees.

Carefully pour oil into smaller clean metal container.

Place the dish in a dehydrator or a device that slowly warms. It may take several hours, but the water and the solution will evaporate from the oil. Once there is no activity on the surface of the oil, the product is ready for use.

Pour the hot oil in a bottle or a plastic syringe.

When its cooled oil becomes like thick ointment.

See the video below: