Did you Know That There are Chemicals Sprayed on Your Tea Bags? These Are The Best Ways to Drink Tea and to Get All the Health Benefits

All cultures worldwide embrace the tea, from white to black or green to red. No matter how it’s prepared, hot cup in winter or freezing glass in summer, tea time can be any time.

Nowadays, most of us all know that a lot of of these drinks have very significant benefits. Many cultures had used teas and tisanes for medical benefits, because of the strength of the active ingredients.

You can treat various conditions, like high blood fat (elevated triglycerides) levels, as an antidepressant, for boosting your metabolism, also aiding weight loss and more.

But then again if your favorite beverage is in a teabag, we have some bad news: that teabag is probably covered with epichlorohydrin, well known carcinogen that is mainly active in hot water.

Good news, epichlorohydrin is soluble in water-so rinse the bag well in room-temperature water, and the epichlorohydrin will dissolve without hazardous activation. Then without any worry, you can make your tea according to the package instructions.

Lately, teabags are produced from plastics like PVC and food-grade nylon like an alternative for the paper tea bags. Unluckily, these teabags break down and leach chemicals into the water at temperatures below those which are used for making tea. And many teas, even expensive ones, comprehend pesticide residues and also flavoring agents.

The best way to make a tea?

  • Buy loose leaf organic, because it tends to have greater levels of antioxidants.
  • Place the leaves in a strainer and brew your beverage in a cup or a pot.
  • Enjoy the aroma and use your favorite sweetener.
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