Your Tap Water Contains Fluoride, Lead, Aluminum, Chloride, Chlorine and Lithium. Use Cilantro to Purify the Water

The tap water that we consume contains fluoride and chlorine, as well many different amounts of liquefied minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorides, bicarbonates and sulfates. It may also contain manganese, iron, copper, aluminum, nitrates, herbicides and insecticides.

Moreover, rendering a report by the Associated Press, which is the deduction from a study of up to 23 municipal tap waters – small quantities of pharmaceuticals — antibiotics, mood stabilizers, hormones and other drugs – are in our consumption water supplies.

The general problem with the heavy metals is that they collect in the body, and can cause numerous health problems which can really influence exactly every major organ there in the body.

Many studies specify that heavy metals in the body can be linked in everything from Alzheimer to cardiovascular illness, behavioral problems, kidney dysfunction, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and also even paralysis.

Luckily, the popular herb cilantro is found to be an outstanding water purifier. It absorbs harmful chemicals and heavy metals such as nickel and lead.

Why Cilantro?

Chemical agents that are in cilantro bind to the toxic metals; pulling them free from tissues and also flushing them out of the body.

Cilantro’s cleansing power lies in the organization of the outer walls of the microscopic cells that form the plant; they are ideal for gripping heavy metals. Cilantro leaves are a low-cost way for filtering the water, especially in regions where the water is not so clean.

Many researchers determined that cilantro is the most dominant and powerful bio absorbent material that captures metal toxicity.

How to use Cilantro? 

In order to clean up to 2 liters of highly contaminated water you just have to add a handful of cilantro.

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