Coca-Cola Has Recalled Dasani Water Due to Parasite Worms!

If you drink Dasani water this is news that you must not allow yourself to miss. After a certain investigation discovered that several thousand bottles of their drinking water was contaminated with a parasite, the Coca-Cola Company made a major recall.

Several hundred people until now have been rushed to the hospital with parasitic symptoms such as; vomiting, rash, stomach bloating and fever. Coca-Cola in a recent report admitted that the water they are selling Dasani is in fact just a “purified” tap water. Their wildly sold brand was in fact purified tap water filled in a fancy looking bottle. Coca Cola admitted this in January.

Dasani at the market is sold at a premium price. This is similar like many other bottled waters so many people see it to be superior to tap water; but actually it is nothing more than a tap water.

People are paying Dasani water very expensively, just like they do with the rest of the bottled water. But the thing that they don’t know is that they are actually drinking tap water. Mostly people believe that it is better than tap water.

The company made a statement that most of the impurities that were found in the water were eliminated and instead minerals were added in. But the parasites somehow managed to escape their “water cleansing system”. The Food and Drug Administration has shut down the facility in witch this contaminated water was produced.

Please make an effort to avoid this water at all cost. The Drug and Food Administration delivered a warning where is stated that if you must drink this water, first you have to boil it in order to kill all the parasites.

Note: When a parasite enters your body, immediately starts to host itself in the stomach membrane and starts a new cohort of parasites. Our advice is for you to be extremely cautious with this water.