Testosterone normally is associated with the catabolic hormone – cortisol antagonist as compared to the effects on muscle tissue. Cortisol contributes to the body’s ability to withstand high intensity and amount of exercises, as well as faster and more efficient recovery after exercise. Here are some proven principles that lead to optimum response to testosterone:

1. Use large, complex movements.

It has long been known fact that the best result of increasing testosterone is achieved with practice squats, dead lifting and Olympic disciplines. It does not mean you have to give up traditional exercises. Increasing the secretion of testosterone generally depends on how you respect these practices. The more movement is present, it will cause greater metabolic stress. Consequence would be a greater incentive for testosterone secretion.

Winning combination would be to turn complex movements at the beginning of the workout. After the testes and adrenal glands, it will secure large “quantities” of testosterone. Enter then other exercises in subsequent phases of the exercise.

Exercises2. Volume of exercises.

Protocol on the exercise of hypertrophy causes testosterone better response than protocol force. Example 4 sets of 10 repetitions of squats with a weight that is 70% of the maximum weight that you can lift once change it with more effective exercise 10-11 sets of 3 reps with 90% of the maximum weight that you can lift once.

3. High intensity exercise is mandatory.

Until now we defined types of exercise and amount of exercise is optimal to achieve anabolic hormonal environment. Also, besides the above, it is important to exercise with maximum weights that can be picked up and maintain equal quality of exercise through a defined number of batches.

4. Rest between sets.

With testosterone, another anabolic hormone whose secretion is to pay attention during the exercise is GH (growth hormone). Recent research shows that the rest between sets of 60 seconds has the best effect on the secretion of growth hormone, while the rest 120 seconds acts favorably on the secretion of testosterone. Probably from this we can conclude that the optimum rest between sets would be 90-100 seconds to get the best of both aspects.