Soak Your Fingertips in Cold Water – in 30 Seconds You Will Know if You Are Healthy

Getting out of the water, all clean and good with skin so smooth and soft can be exceptional feeling. But if we pay attention to our toes and fingers, in most of the time we will notice that they are wrinkled like raisins.

Some parts of the human skin, also known as glabrous skin, have a particular respond to water.

Other than the rest of our body, the skin of our fingers, also palms, toes and soles, wrinkles after becoming adequately wet. Approximately 5 minutes or so will commonly do the trick.

Scientists consider that there may be an evolutionary answer for this clearly trivial phenomenon – It may have had helped our ancestors in taking a grip on things in drizzly or in some other way of wet conditions.

Experiment 1:

Dip the tips of your fingers for 30 seconds in cold water. If they become blue or white, it means that you have a circulation problem.

The significant change in temperature or stress can cause blood vessels to swell, which bring blood to the fingers, nose or ears.

As a result, these parts of the body do not get enough blood and they can wrinkle.

Do this procedure to see if a potential heart attack may be lurking you. If yes, then be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Experiment 2:

Make yourself a hot bubble bath and then settle in for a fair long soak. If it is possible, you may set a timer to keep track of the skin on a particular part of your body, like your feet and hands. Observe how long it takes for your skin to become wrinkly? If you notice that the same happens in a period less than 5 min. then please make an appointment for health check.

Enjoy in getting clean and pick up a science lesson at the same time!


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