There are good and less good, adequate and inadequate, rightly or wrongly performed exercise. But the number of exercises that apply or may apply in a workout of advanced athletic gymnasts is very large. However some of them are used more often than others.  A larger number of reputable famous athletes are using below pointed exercises in a workout of the forearm. Beginners also use them normally. Indeed selection of exercises was never a reason to divide top athletes and beginners, while their dosing is.


Forearm exercises.



Forearm exercises are done with simple hand movements because if you use the elbow in a short time you will overload the forearm. There are many movements for this group of muscles, but they all came to same thing- easy movements with the forearm. The exercises are divided in to the ones that are made with the hands turn up and to the ones that the hands are turn down in. When you make them like in the picture with the hands up you strengthen the inner side of the forearm. Make this exercise with the help of two handed weights on a exercise bench.




This exercise is a variant of the previous exercise. Here forearms are made with the arms placed on the legs. Everything else is same as the first should go heavy, but with slow and controlled movements.Perform 3 sets of 20-25 reps.







This is one more form of the exercise. The difference is in choosing the weights. Here we use one handed weights while the rest is the same as the other exercises.The following routine might seem a little unusual while you’re doing it, but it’ll provide thicker forearms in a month’s time.






Wrapping and unwrapping hemp. This exercise is often used by top athletes because that despite the large static stress in the shoulder, it activates the muscles in the front of the forearm.






This exercise represents an improved version of the previous exercise. Hands are bent in the forearm wrist and upper arms are close by the body. At the end of the hemp is located barbell with a weight that suits you and you wound and unwound with light movements practicing at the same time on the muscles in the front and back of the forearm.








This is an exercise for strengthening the front of the forearm. The bar on which one end is weight stick free and on the other there is a weight you should lift up and down with the wrist only.




This exercises will help you to develop strong and symmetric wrists and forearms. In addition we recommend to do this exercises three times per week.

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