Believe it or Not, Use Frozen Lemons and Say Goodbye to Overweight, Diabetes and Tumors

Lemons are powerful ally in treating many conditions and illnesses.  They have numerous health benefits, so the saying that lemons are a super-food is understandable.

But, simple juicing your lemons will not give you the all-out of their benefits, try to freeze them. Here we will give details why this method is great for you.

Lemon peels contain compounds that have the power to boost your immune system, regulate cholesterol levels and also prevent the progress of cancer. They provide strong anti-microbial effect, and prevent fungal and bacterial infections. This is very important in the process of removing internal parasites and worms. Lemons are a vital part of every detox method, no matter whether you are preparing lemon water, lemonade or lemon tea.

Lemon peels deliver great nutrients as well. They have shown enormous potential in removing and destroying and toxic waste from the body. This is the main reason why lemons are every so often used in the treatment of cancer patients.

There is a strong relation between lemons and cancer. Scientists spent long years in testing whether lemons can terminate abnormal cancer cells. Many studies confirmed this probability.

Ever since 1970, more than 20 laboratory tests revealed that frozen lemons destroy the malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including breast, colon, prostate, pancreas and lung cancer. Some studies show that frozen lemons can be more efficient in destroying cancer compared to chemotherapy.  And more, they are a lot safer and healthier solution than chemo. These studies also verified that lemon extract terminates cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells intact.

 These are the greatest powers of lemon:

  • Kidney and liver cleanse
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Immunity boost
  • Excellent in treatment of inflammation
  • Prevention against asthma
  • Effective against hazardous bacteria
  • Prevention and treatment of stress and depression

Lemon peels have 7-10 more vitamins than their juice. Dr. Marilyn Glenville, an expert and nutritionist on women’s health, describes how combination of healthy peels can do well to the overall health. This is what she said for BBC food:

“Most of the antioxidants included in fruit are included in the peel or the pith rather than in the pulp.”

Dr. Glenville also recommended:

“Smoothie is far better than a juice, since you can consume the whole fruit including the peel, and you will not throw away a single nutrient from the fruit.”

Citrus fruits have bitter taste, but here we are going to present you a recipe that will help you get the maximum of your lemons for sure, without the bitter flavor.

Freeze your lemons

  • Wash and decontaminate the lemons with backing soda or organic apple cider vinegar.
  • Rinse them well with water, and pat dry using a towel.
  • Freeze your lemons overnight.
  • When they are entirely frozen, grate the complete lemon, peel, pulp and seeds also.
  • Place your grated lemons in ice cube trays, and keep them in the freezer. This way you can use them at any time.

They will give a durable taste to your dishes. Add more or less grated lemon peels into your soups, salads, yogurt, homemade ice cream, pasta sauces, juice, smoothie or tea.

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