How to Get Rid Of a Stiff Neck Naturally, In Just 90 Seconds

Most people are recurrently suffering from stiff necks. This is a result of frequently being on computers, tablets and phones; often just getting into a position while sleeping that causes a muscle spasm. Muscles and joints that are “agony in the neck” can really cause both physical and psychological stress as we go through our day.

It was actually fascinating to hear that the thing that causes the pain is actually a shortening of the muscle; when we are unaware that we have twisted our neck in an unnatural way, while asleep or awake. When the muscle shortens it worsens the nerve which makes it very painful to turn the neck.

What is great about this video is that it determines how to target the precise place where the muscle has contracted; and how by turning the neck and using the opposite hand it can be released. Cross fiber pressure, placing knuckles into the muscle and several different stretches are easy to follow.

This tutorial video will give you the ability to fix your stiff neck on your own; by encouraging nerves that will indicate your brain to reset the shortened muscle. This was one of the most useful videos i have seen on lessening your own pain quickly and naturally. Furthermore it does a great job of not only explaining the mechanism of how stiff necks occur. Also several great expanses and ways of pushing on trigger points on your own will greatly lessen a stiff neck within 90 SECONDS!

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