Johnson & Johnson Finally Admits: Our Baby Products Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients

Without any doubt the most important thing to every parent is their child’s health and well being. They always pay particular attention to what their children’s eat, the toxins they are exposed to, as cigarettes and cigarettes smoke, the amount of the physical activity for the day and many others.

But sometimes, everyone can make a mistake which is not aware of, mistake for example like this:

One of the largest world’s manufacturer products for baby care is Johnson & Johnson. With their products mothers bath their baby’s every night.  The thing that many of you don’t now is that these products are filled with toxins which cannot be even near the baby’s skin.  They use a long list of ingredients in their wide range of products that can be very harmful for the baby skin and the immune system in general.

Formaldehyde has been detected in Johnson & Johnson products. Studies suggest that it may cause cancer, and it’s in your baby’s shampoo. This chemical is mostly used as an embalming agent when corpses are prepared for burial. Now you ask yourself what is this doing in consumer use products. That is still unclear.

Quaternium-15 is ingredient present in baby care products, and releases formaldehyde, which causes eye, skin and respiratory irritation. Furthermore it is also tied to leukemia.

Johnson & Johnson has additional dangerous chemical in their combination of potentially cancer promoting chemicals. Part of that mix is 1.4 Dioxane, and it also has carcinogenic possessions. This is a brain toxin and it can cause damage to the central nervous system, kidneys and liver.

Please read the labels on the backside of the product you are buying from this company. Chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues, poor health and other pathogens and diseases can be the side effects of exposing your child to toxins and unnatural ingredients.

Consider for an Alternative

The company is moving slowly in removing these chemicals from products sold in the U.S.

Even besides that the manufacturers announce they are working on this problem, they are in process of removing the toxic ingredients of the products.  But unfortunately   this kind of process takes time. Stop buying and consuming products that are damaging your and the health of your family. The problem is harshly in America, while other countries have toxin free Johnson & Johnson products, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Finland Denmark and Africa.

Burt’s Bees is a company that makes healthy products and they are good as alternative. Furthermore Aveeno, Little Twig, California Baby are also good alternatives. You should give them a try and decide what best option for your baby is.

Always protect your child, make best choices and make the whole thing around him better as much as you can.

Spread this among your friends and family; help them to choose the best for their babies.