If you take good care of your clothes not only you’ll keep them like new for a long time you will also save money from filing your closet. Spending a little more on classic clothes is very effective. That kind of clothes you can wear for several seasons. So the proper way of washing them can extend their life and they will surely look like new for a long period of time.
Mostly of the housewife’s that we asked for opinion sad that washing the clothes in cold water really extends the life of most of the fabrics. The fabrics that are very delicate should be washed by hand with detergents that are soft in their composition. Bleaching is not recommended. You should avoid washing them immediately after they were worn for only few hours, for example pants and jeans.
If you constantly use drying machine you well surely speed up the process of ruining your clothes because the drying machine shrinks the fabrics. From time to time let the clothes dry naturally and use liquid softener when washing them.
When a stain occurs it’s recommended that you use chemical for removing it in the same moment. That means you should practice to keep in hand a stain remover. They are especially effective and you can find them in little packages, what means that you can keep them in your purse.
Using cosmetic product can ruin the clothes very quickly. Hairsprays, perfumes or face powder and makeup are better to be used before you get dressed.
If it’s possible avoid wire hangers. The wooden ones are practical for jackets and jeans, lined hangers for underclothing and for the most of your other clothes use plastic ones.
Your shoes also require special care. To keep their shape you should use paper. Stuff them with paper and keep them on shelves in boxes. Don’t make pile of shoes, that will surely ruin them quickly and you’ll not going to be able to avoid a repair within a very short period of time.