Are You Getting ”Stoned”? Say Goodbye to Your Kidney Stones With This Remarkably Fast Cleaning Tea!

The hallmark of the disease is severe pain in the kidneys, which is spread across the length urinary drainage channel to the groin. Due to that you feel extreme pain, nausea and vomiting.

Pain occurs in the form of attack which gradually declines again and repeat. It is called renal colic. It’s happening suddenly and it can be caused by some kind of a physical activity, when a person jumps or while running etc.

With external impact moves the stones get closer of the leakage of urine. Therefore with highly clamping the renal cup or ureters, the body tries to throw the pebble going, and that’s what causes severe pain.

Finally after each attack at the end of urinating, blood can be seen, and sometimes the urine is whole bloody. The blood comes from the damage which is caused by the stones which dredged urinary drainage channel.


Composition of tea:

  • 40g stalks of Herniaria glabra
  • 50g leaves of bearberry
  • 40g root of rabbit thorn
  • 30g crushed berries rosehip
  • 40g leaves of birch
  • 30g leaves and flowers of Kunitz
  • 20g nettle


Preparation and application of tea:

In a deeper bowl place the herbs. You should well crush and mix them together. Put 2 liters of water in a pot and place 15 g of this mixture into the pot to stand overnight. The next morning put the pot on low heat and let it boil.

Since is boiled let it simmer another minute and then cover it with gauze until is cool. Furthermore strain and add a juice from one lemon. Drink the tea instead of water; you must drink at least 1.5 liters per day.

Moreover, during lunch, three times a day drink half a liter of weak tea from the roots and stalks of grass hedgehogs.

Further more prepare your food with less salt. Do not drink fresh water. Let it stand for a while, and drink it when it’s cooled. It is also prohibited to drink mineral water, eat fatty foods and canned foods.

For disposing kidney stones sand you can prepare and drink one’s per day, tea from the following herbs:

60g leaves of birch

  • 50g Common couch
  • 40g stems from Puzzlegrass
  • 40g milled rosehip berries
  • 20g stalks of thyme

The preparation of the tea is the same  as in the first recipe.