Would You Pay for Them To Suck Your Blood? Lifting Without a Scalpel !!

‘’There is no better cure than leech’’- was one of the most famous sayings of our grandmother and grandfather.  Many studies confirmed that in the 19th century, leeches are used for various diseases.

Leech is a worm that feeds on blood and in the nature usually attack’s triton, frogs and other animals. It has three teeth with which cuts the skin and sucks blood. For a less than a minute they find biologically active point on your body and clings, giving an effect similar to acupuncture.

Leech inject into the blood unique complex of enzymes that stimulate the internal organs, lenses and rejuvenate them. They replace old collagen and replace it with a new flexible, giving the effect of lifting, but after three or four therapies – explains Dr. Natalia Fiddle.

Leech bite does not hurt nothing more than a mosquito bite. After the bite, the leech emits in the body an analgesic that relieves pain sensation. A leech may consume from 5 to 15 ml of blood in a single feeding. For one treatment of leeches’ therapists typically use up to 10 leeches, which means that during treatment you can lose about 150 ml of blood.

But the advantage of treatment with leeches is not only reflected in the amount of blood that they remove from the body but in the fact that those in the blood injected anticoagulants have anesthetic effect.

Numerous tests confirmed that the medical leech bite in his body inject a large number of biologically active substances such as alfahimotropsin, hirudin, subtilisin, himazin … and that HIRUDOTHERAPY (treatment with leeches) acts as an analgesic, anticoagulant, immune stimulate, dissolves fat, prevents the development of bacteria …

The result that the patients have at the end of the therapy made them win all of their fears.

Treatment with leeches


In contact with our organism, the leech drops another well-known pheromone, hirudin, which prevents blood clotting and dissolves the coagulated blood. It is extremely useful in treating diseases such as: thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins, myocardial infarction, muscle aches and muscle tissue injuries.

That means it helps to prevent heart attacks, and dissolution of dangerous clots in the body. It could be said that the HIRUDOTERAPIJA, except surgical intervention, is the only way for treating thrombosis. For best results, just as well demonstrated in the field and it is reasonable to consider that future treatment for thrombosis and other diseases related to thrombus, lies in HIRUDOTERAPY.

20140208_104101 2.Sterility

When leeches do their work in therapy, they destroy them self’s and therefore they are also called “injection of life”. In St. Petersburg, is in her honor a monument is created, and in America, where this treatment for a long time was not accepted, things have changed since 2004.

Then in the public spread a story of a boy whose dog bit off his ear. The surgeons were able to sew him his ear, but his body would not accept it. Until they placed leeches and all was fine.

Treatment with leeches is known in all religions, and also is described in the “Bible”. Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was pregnant due to leeches. That is why they are drawn on the walls of Pharaonic tombs. The soldiers have been using leeches as a rescue from infection when antibiotics didn’t even exist.

The leeches in Russia are recognized by the Ministry of Health and registered in the Register of medicinal products of the Russian Federation. There gynecologists actively used them in the treatment of gynecological problems, putting them directly on the uterus. That for someone might sound terrible, but when a woman cannot get pregnant, she will try everything.


From both processed blood can be made face masks which are used for cosmetic treatments. In this way the person gets a face mask of his own enriched blood.

More and more ways that leech can be used, “explains Dr. Natalia. HIRUDOTHERAPY is method found in cosmetics and it is an increasingly popular form of rejuvenation.

It all started when Demi Moore stated that her youthful appearance owes treatments with leeches. When used in this way, leeches are placed in the region behind the ear and help to establish the circulation of blood through the face.


Cellulite can also be eliminated with HIRUDOTHERAPY because leeches have two important enzyme required for this type of treatment. Hyaluronidase helps the disintegration of hyaluronic acid; a lipase affects the breakdown of fat and thus helps to reduce excess fat. Enzymes remove cellulite, and skin becomes elastic and toned.

However, the treatment must be made by certified hirudospecialist, because without knowing the proper medical knowledge of the orientation of leeches, it is possible that they stuck on to a large blood vessel, which is by no means good.

5.Plastic surgery

“Plastic surgery also uses leeches,” explains Dr. Natalia, “because in the transplantation of tissues where is difficult to establish circulation a great help can be provided by leeches. However, they are sometimes hard to get that attached to the place we want. They are very choosy and use of perfume, or dirty skin will not work tempting for them.

Blood is same as it was several thousand years ago. Therefore, we must treat with respect all ancient ways of dealing with life and health, and learn from it. Just as the hirudotherapy proposes.