NASA Diet Revealed!! 28 Days For Total Body Reset!!

Excessive body weight is the fifth leading factor for overall mortality in the world. At least  2.9 million people have serious illnesses caused by obesity such as diabetes, heart disease and even some forms of cancer. Increased intake of body fat and physical inactivity is the main cause of weight gain.

Each of us has the ability to restart the body and clean out the accumulated fat and toxins in just 28 days. You will feel again strong and energized and if you practice any form of exercise results are guaranteed.

Let’s start with Challenge #1

First week is called White Week. White Week means no salt, sugar, oil and no red meat. Very important factor is the activation of metabolism (awakening) at the same time every day. Immediately drink 200 ml. tea that is prepared  the previous day (we recommend mountain tea) with one tablet B 6, B complex and Multi minerals.
filletsYou should have same breakfast in all seven days.

Two cold boiled eggs (food must be cold and it is very important to eat slowly. Don’t drink water immediately after eating, but 15 to 20 min. after meals.

The second meal following the four hours (the four meals must be at a distance of four hours) should be between 250 and 350 grams of chicken-steak which is best to be boiled or roasted with olive oil. You will eat only the meat. No salad should be taken this time.

The third meal is 350 – oven baked or grilled with olive oil and lemon.eggs

The fourth meal is fresh turkey steak, however, it can be replaced with chicken.
Depending on when you wake up you can add a fifth meal. We recommend  fish.

The first week is the hardest. You may feel headache due to lack of carbohydrates and sugars but that is not harmful either for your blood or for your health. Rather you regulate fat, sugar and you  improve blood test. The headache can be solved with coffee without sugar and it’s also good to drink mountain tea previously cooled.

Challenge # 2

The second week, add some greenery.

Instead of eggs today we begin the day with 250 ml. low-fat yogurt in which you can add one tablespoon peeled sunflower, linseed and sunflower seeds.

Prepare them night before and consume them 15 minutes after drinking the tea and the vitamins.

Second meal – Chicken steak

Third meal – Fish

Fourth meal – Turkey or chicken steak

FishIn the second week we should inject two white days (From the first week).

For example Wednesday and Friday; and in two days e.g. Tuesday and Thursday replace lunch with veal. Beside these meals you can eat 300 g. of fresh seasonal salad only with olive oil.

Challenge # 3

The third week is composed of two white and five green days. Salad can be consumed in three meals in about 300 gr. After each meal take a piece of fruit as a dessert because you also have to take care of the fruit sugar. Fifteen minutes after the meal you can drink a cup of water or tea.

Challenge # 4

In the fourth week you can combine the food from the second and the third week. The only difference is that you should have two days in which you will eat only veal and salad. The salad should not contain carrots and corn.

In these 28 days you will restart all parameters in the body. Not only you will lose weight but you will improve all functions in the body.

For those who despite the diet will also decide to exercise we recommend amino acids and a low dose of protein.