This Trick Will Help You To Reveal the Negative Energy in Your Home

Do you constantly find yourself in a situation where bad things happen?

The negative energy in your home will never bring anything good but only evil. It has a big impact on the mood – it causes sadness, anxiety, pessimism and depressive feelings.

Most of the people are realizing when it’s very late that they are negative things happening because of the bad atmosphere in their own home. Some of them said that their mood extremely got worse as soon as they stepped into their house – and so every time. Their mind would rapidly wrap up by some kind of anger, nervousness and blackness.

People are able to fall out of keys from their hand before they unlock the front door and go inside; like some imperceptible force is preventing them not to go inside their own home or maybe it is just their subconscious signaling for something wrong.

The negative energy can enter in the house, also in the people who live in it, casual visitors, possibly neighbors, or the people who once lived there. Any person who enters our home brings a certain kind of energy, and it can be positive or negative. It is wrapped in all parts of the home – the furniture, walls, etc., and is identified to store in the corners of the room or other less available places.

This is one very helpful trick that can help you to find any negative energy in your home – if there is any.

There are numeral methods that can define if your home is filed with negative energy or not. Simple way to do this is using a cup with water.

Trick with a glass of water:

In transparent glass cup put sea salt (salt should take up 1/3 of a cup). After the salt fill 1/3 of the cup with cold water and the next 1/3 with white vinegar.

Place the glass in the room in which you think the negative energy is gathered.

Once you have set the cup, do not touch it the next 24 hours. After that time if the liquid in the glass is in the same condition as you left it, in that room there isn’t any presence of negative energy.

But if you notice in the glass any kind of stains or bubbles, maybe the liquid became opaque; it is obvious that you have problems.

Once the liquid in the cup absorbs the negative energy, discard the liquid and repeat this procedure every day, until the liquid in the glass is not completely clear.

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