“Diabetes and Cancer are Fictitious Illnesses – Here’s What You Should Do To Stay Healthy” – Interview With Professor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin

Professor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin is associated with alternative medicine for more than 40 years. This well-known scientists who created cosmonauts medicine, categorically claims that diabetes and cancer are fictitious illnesses, Parkinson cannot appear if you have a healthy intestine – this is achieved by gymnastics and also that the regular walk is chasing hypertension.

Prof. Neumyvakin, do you preach a new kind of medicine?

”I’ve worked exclusively with knowledge of people’s responsibility for their own health. I also study the laws of physiology in which our bodies work. Today’s medicine is not valid and does not tolerate these laws, though without them there is no cure for any disease.

Nowadays it seems preferable to make piles of money on expensive medicines and modern equipment.

Worldwide for over 20 years, there are arguments about alternative Medicine, and Yes, even nowadays you can see someone on television claiming that it is impossible for a man to cure Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, not so many doctors understand exactly how things stand.

The problem is that no one wants to change the system.

Even thou there are many studies for diseases like the Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, no one actually had ever been cured from them. There is generally a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. These patients are with constipation even after 10-15 days, and their intestines are not functioning. That is severe poisoning, even worse than radiation. Nothing can be done for these people.

The official medicine didn’t seem to heal any of them completely, why? – It relies only on drugs – there’s the problem. When we treat these people, their hands do not tremble after 2-3 months.

I was accused of using illegal drugs and they almost declared me as a criminal.

I still did not surrender and published the book “The Road to freedom from diseases that do not exist – hypertension and diabetes.

There is no such condition like hypertension – a condition called severe hypertension can be treated for 2 to 3 months. And as far as diabetes, I recommend my book “Diabetes: Myths and Reality”. How can I say that I have diabetes when there is no such disease?”

There are still over 300 million people worldwide suffering from condition where the pancreas does not secretes insulin?

“The pancreas is only one worker. When there is a public organization then “Goodbye, diabetes”. I strongly recommend sports activities for one hour each day.

But another thing … the body – that is our engine. We better start to take care of this engine, and not to suffer and consume any kind of drugs.

Diabetics need to pay particular attention to their feet. There stand’s the whole system which requires daily exercise. And the body starts to secret insulin? – Of course! This is physiology. We need to create normal conditions for the life of the cells.

Do you see what our children are eating now – all the cakes with stabilizers, colorants, cola and we even have 3-4 year olds with diabetes. With these products the blood sugar immediately rises, and the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin.

It’s even revealed diabetes in infants … – It’s the parents, the mother most – though not in terms of heredity. When the mother was pregnant, she ate more superfluous things and there – the child develops diabetes.

There is of course predisposition – If a child lives as its parents – in terms of diet and behavior; the disease will appear on this particular background.  But in our center came families with diabetes – grandmother, mother, father, but the child didn’t have diabetes.

Adults do not understand what the essence of diabetes is and they do not direct their child to live otherwise – more athletic, healthy, consuming valuable products such as carrots, etc. Sugar – only for holidays and birthdays.

And there is no diabetes as there is no cancer.

Sorry, but this sounded like a fiction…

”Cancer is a condition that is brought by uneducated people alone. Person is passing outside the “contamination” of the body. Only California layer mesh can determine the extent of this pollution on a person for only 5 minutes.  Figuratively speaking, if impurities in the body are 35 percent, a person can have an ulcer, perforation or inflammation. But when the same crossed over 36, 37, 38 percent, and today there are still no cancer indications, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will show.

Squalid cell cannot exist naturally, it starts to mutate. When the mass of these cells exceeds a critical point, as in a nuclear explosion, there is nothing you can do. This it is called metastasis”.

How can we deal with this filth?

”Half of every disease can be cured only with water. People stopped drinking water, especially the elderly. And you should drink at least a liter and a half or two daily, in the summer even three liters of water a day. Clean water – it is an electrolyte; it is energy. If you drink only little amount of water, the blood thickens and the heart cannot push it normally … It is a natural law that official medicine today completely ignores. Vacation near water is also very useful.

If the capillaries are working poorly, the heart cannot push the compressed blood, it accumulates in large blood vessels, blood pressure rises and … here’s your hypertension. And it makes blood vessels to work poorly? – They are found in muscles. So we need to make a lot of movements, play sports, and practice gymnastics.

Gymnastics is required every day. If today you didn’t spend at least half an hour of gymnastics, consider that this day it lost. The age plays no role. For older people this is especially important. Of course, there can always be exceptions.

If you look at the human level comprehensive organism, it turns out that there is simply no disease.

For example an ailment such as vitiligo is treatable for 2-3 months along with many other diseases, only by purifying the organism.

You speak about purifying the body and it all looks very easy, but what this actually means?

“If when you chew your food you drink water during the meal, you’ve done everything possible for that food not to be processed.

Our body has very interesting way of maintenance. Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid. Bread is processed for half an hour, and then the maximum concentration of the acid is weaker. Meat, fish and eggs require stronger acid and 2-3 hours for digestion. And again fried and fatty foods require for at least 4 hours of boiling in the acid.

You have taken some liquid and thus the gastric juice is reduced along with concentration of acid; the food begins to rot. This rotten debris accumulates in the inner wall of the colon. No enema could remove them. All of this is absorbed and filtering becoming an integral part of the cell. From here the dirt goes into the liver.

On this way we have 30-35 percent contamination. The same travels to the lungs, where oxygen can no longer reach. Then the heart carries dirt to the kidneys – just as polluted as well as the liver. And finally – in the joints and blood vessels.

Learn how to eat properly, chew as long as the whole food is dipped with saliva. Drink water before meals. Drink a liter and a half to 3 liters. Water – and everything will work as it should”.

You say that we should drink water before eating?

“Of course. But you can drip 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the glass. This is not dangerous. Oxygen water is needed to operate the security mechanism of the immune system. He kills and kills all of our internal enemies.

Sometimes, after 7 to 10 days rare dirt comes out from the body, which smells very bad. This means that the body is cleaning. There are cases when hydrogen peroxide burns the lining of the stomach of some people … – Oxide is not a magic potion. The most important thing is that the dose should not be exceeded”.

What should you do to keep your health?

“The most important thing is to use natural mechanisms established by nature, and learn to behave properly towards health. It is the whole system, including sports activities, nutrition, environment, periodic cleaning of the body.

Ensure to drink water. In the water is the truth.

If you change your lifestyle, you can cure any disease, even cancer.

Recently I read about a woman who was with lung cancer and metastases. They refused to operate her. She began leading a healthy lifestyle. Now she is 80 years old and recently set a world record in marathon running and won a gold medal.

Most important is the optimistic psychological adjustment. The people must be happy, especially at home”.

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