Should You Worry About a Nosebleed? Learn How to Stop a Nosebleed Fast

Bleeding from the nose occurs when one or more blood vessels collapse in the nose. Apart from blowing the nose, the most common causes for bleeding are; inflammation of the lining of the nose, polyps in the nasal mucous, dried mucous membranes of the nose, frequent sneezing or blowing your nose and infections of the upper respiratory tract. Only in rare cases bleeding from the nose indicates a serious health problem, such as arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure.

Bleeding from the nose is unpleasant phenomenon that, fortunately, doesn’t represent a symptom of a greater health problem. Although often occurs in adulthood, it can affect the children because their blood vessels in the nose are still weak.

During hard nose bleeds, bleeding that lasts longer than 20 minutes, which is increasing, you must seek for medical help. Assistance from a doctor should be required in cases when bleeding from the nose is caused by damage to the head or neck.

There are various herbal preparations that can help you to stop the bleeding from the nose, but also there are tricks by which you can stop the bleeding. Those who frequently suffer from this problem can prevent this unpleasant phenomenon and strengthen the lining of the nose and nasal capillaries.



Proper position

When bleeding from the nose occurs you should sit upright in a sitting position, leaning you head slightly forward. Breathe thru the mouth and hold your nostrils tight for 10-15 minutes.

Put a towel in ice cold water, strain and place it on the forehead and the root of the nose or the forehead. The coldness of the towel will tighten the blood vessels and ease the bleeding.


Washing out the nasal cavity with warm salt water helps against bleeding from the nose. In 2 dl of hot water mix 1 tsp. salt and place it in a low and wide container. Close one nostril by pressing it with your finger and sniff from the salt water with the other nostril. Repeat this with the other nostril.

Layer of red onion

Natural medicine recommends freshly chopped raw red onion against the nose bleeding. Just put it in the neck, wrap with the help of a gaze and leave it to act overnight.

Red onion inhalation

Take one red onion, grate and squeeze juice from it. Then mix the juice with an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and inhale this mixture through the nostrils consecutively.


Paper trick

Place under your tongue absorbent piece of paper with the size of a postage stamp. This will lead to support after which the small blood vessels in the lining of the nose are squeezed and the bleeding will stop immediately.

Vitamin C

This vitamin strengthens capillary so those who often have problems with nose bleeding should increase its consumption.

Marigold smell

Bleeding from the nose will stop if you put a small cotton wool soaked in tincture of marigold under your nose and inhale.  You can do the same with wool that has few drops of cypress essential oil squeezed on.

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