WARNING: You Need to Stay Away From This Oil! It Releases Dangerous Chemicals!

Based on the results from a recent survey, olive oil, coconut oil and butter are proved to be very healthy and valuable oils for cooking, in contrast to the vegetable oils.

Specialists discovered that the vegetable oil discharges harmful chemical substances that can lead to cancer and other deadly diseases.

The experts conducted several surveys more and in order to look deeper in to the matter; found out that when cooked, the vegetable oil releases very high amounts of ofaldehydes – chemical substances connected to dementia, cancer and heart issues.

Professor Drootveld, after one of his surveys, claimed that fish & chips fried in vegetable oil are full in toxic aldehydes for more than 150 times than the allowed limit. In addition, he said that butter and olive oil, even lard releases less aldehydes in contrast to the vegetable oil.

Coconut oil is shown to release the lowest amount of harmful chemicals, and that makes it the healthiest cooking oil. However, no matter what oil do you use; you must avoid any fried food because it is extremely harmful.

Dr. Stein from Oxford University states that sunflower oils may lead to changes in the human brain.

Furthermore, he stated that the NHS confirmed that the vegetable oils are a best choice for cooking and they avoided lard or butter for that purpose.

Professor Grootveld from De Montfort University in Leicester, doesn’t agree with all of this. He is saying that we all have been warned about the destructive impact of the vegetable oils for our health; and that precisely the butter is the healthiest option for cooking.

In addition, he explains that the vegetable oil is exposed to complex of chemical procedures in the process of production. This will lead to accumulation of plenty harmful chemicals.

This is the reason why the fried food is so dangerous to consume.

If you what to prevent unwelcome diseases that can harm your health, you must completely avoid processed and also fried food.

Read the labels of the packed foods, there it’s written that they were cooked in vegetable oil, but who can truly tell you if that is true.

It is far healthier to bake or boil fresh food than to fry it.

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Source: www.healthylifebase.com