Different Ways To Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is the king among the oils. It is a real source of health, the true light that offers huge benefits for the human organism. It is the best choice for your salads and all your other meals. Rich in carotenoids and a large reserve of antioxidants, with high quality, cold-pressed olive oil contains vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids that are of great benefit to the body. We will try to present what the health benefits of consuming this oil are.

Olive oil strengthens immunity, protects heart and blood vessels, but also acts against chronic degenerative diseases. Unlike some other products, olive oil is often examined and tested. Its benefits are recorded and confirmed in many scientific medical journals and portals. Olive oil is the guardian of the stomach. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Very good protector against atherosclerosis, and diabetes, and nearly all other metabolic disorders, olive oil is a great choice for people who suffer from elevated triglycerides and cholesterol. So it is recommended these people to completely replace the sunflower with olive oil. It has a high protective role especially when it comes to colon cancer and breast cancer. It is recommended for all people who have these diseases.

Scientists believe that olive oil is great in regulating blood sugar. Meals with olive oil in them have less power to sharply raise blood sugar.

Almost every tissue in the body will benefit from regular consumption of olive oil. Apart from the mentioned benefits, olive oil is good for people with peptic ulcer and any inflammatory diseases. However unfortunately, olive oil is quite expensive in our region. Many of the people cannot afford it for everyday use. It is important to know that you need to buy checked and pure olive oil without additives.

It is very important to note that most of the above beneficial effects are related to cold pressed olive oil. Considering its characteristics and nutritional status, we recommend it should be used in any situation, as an ideal replacement for other types of oils.

Except for healthy cooking, it can be used for many other things. Some of them you may know and practice them, and some may surprise you.

You can use olive oil in so many different ways:


Diaper rash. Gently brush the baby’s ass with olive oil to reduce irritation and redness of the skin.

For constipation. Olive oil can be used as a laxative. Drink 1-2 tablespoons.

Cough. Mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 cup of honey and half a cup of olive oil. Warm the mixture and stir well. Take one tablespoon of 4-5 hours.

For dry skin. Olive oil makes the skin softer. Use it on the elbows, knees, heels or if you have cracked nipples on the chest.

Softening cuticles. Before you do manicures, soak your hands in water with olive oil and leave them 10-15 minutes. You can easily remove cuticles and skin on the hands will remain soft and gentle.

Instead of shaving foam. If you do not have foam or shaving gel, olive oil can serve as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Make-up remover. Apply olive oil with a cotton swab under the eyes, forehead and cheeks and then clean it with wet handkerchief.

Haircare. Apply olive oil all over your hair. Wrap in a cloth previously dipped in hot water and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Natural lip balm. Mix equal amount of oil or wax and bee honey. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil.

Chewing gum stacked in the hair. In the most cases people cut off a lot of hair. Apply the oil on your fingers and rub the hair on the place where the gum is.

Leather. Brush leather shoes or boots with olive oil. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then remove the residue with a soft dry cloth.

For stuck zipper. Use a cotton bud or cotton swab to accurately apply oil to the teeth of the patent, without touching the fabric. The patent will be free to move up and down.

For stuck ring. Brush your finger and massage oil. Turn the ring until it comes out.

Against the creaking door. Use cloth or cotton swab to apply olive oil on the hinges of the door in the house or car door. It will act as a lubricant.