The Gross Truth About Washing Your Pajamas

Many people like to wear pajamas and many are not only wearing them just in bed.

Although they can surely warm you up on those cold nights, and in the summer they are pretty good absorbents of excess sweat. They are in most cases, a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to a whole range of skin problems, staph infections and even cystitis.

According to Professor Sally Bloomfield from the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London, the incubation period for the mentioned parasites, begins after a minimum of one week of wearing the same pajamas.

These skin cells could anchorage certain microorganisms, continues Bloomfield. Most bacteria aren’t bad for you, but certain types could cause serious health issues.

However, recent research showed that some men wear pajamas 13 nights in a row, before they are being washed. Women go one step further and their pajamas do not get change even 17 nights in a row.

Research conducted by one manufacturer of mattresses; examined 2,500 couples habits related to sleep, and aged between 18 and 30 years.

Most respondents (38 percent) said that; in the bed they carry the traditional “two-part” pajamas; 27 percent sleep in their underwear; while 35 percent borrows partner’s pajamas.

In men’s underwear the most popular (38 percent), is followed by the pajama bottoms or shorts in 35 percent of cases. “Two-piece” pajamas carry only 19 percent of men.

Those women who do not change pajamas often enough say that; they usually forget how long it was since their pajamas are not washed away; while the most popular excuse for men (two-thirds) was that they do not deal with the washing machine so often or in few cases never.

About half of both men and women said that their pajamas do not smell bad and therefore they do not feel that they should wash them very often.

Carolyn Forte, the director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute recommends washing your pajamas every three days; if you have habit to shower before you go to bed; you can wait a few nights longer, up to a week. Got flannel pajamas? “Turn them inside out to minimize abrasion and potential pilling during the wash and dry,” she says.