Ancient Chinese Method For Peace In Your Home

This simple Chinese method will bring peace and prosperity at your home, and all you have to do is provide a little better organization in your place of residence. Follow these steps and enjoy

Part one:

The bedroom is a place where you spend your most comfortable time during the day. Therefore the room should be set in such a way to provide maximum comfort.


Step 1: You should have a firm board on the place you are sleeping. It allows full support while sleeping.

Step 2: The bed should have a mattress with memory foam for complete comfort.

Step 3: The bed should certainly have a certain height. Do not use bed with drawers underneath. There should be a place under your bed, which can be cleaned daily.

Step 4: The bed should be away from the door. It should not be just -”next door”.

Step 5: Your bed should not be located under the window. It is best to be near a wall.

Step 6: The bed should always be at good distance from all devices like laptop, TV and more.


Part Two:

Avoid negative energy – MirrorPeace

It is important to keep your room free of negative energy


Step 1: The first and most important step is to hold the mirror away from the bed.

Step 2: Do not place the bed just below the light source.

Step 3: Aquariums are beautiful but not in the bedroom. Do not hold pictures of water or fish in your room.

Step 4: You should not put herbs in your room because they produce carbon dioxide at night.

Step 5: Do not leave your room in a mess with unnecessary things such as old newspapers or old clothes. Keep your room tidy.


Part Three:

Watch for the colors


Step 1: Put the colors of fire element, passion and energy in your room.

Step 2: Paint of the earth element provides the necessary ingredient for growth, health and energy.

Step 3: Pastel colors give peace in the room.


Part Four:

Create different views


Step 1: Do not overload your room.

Step 2: Do not hold pictures of friends or relatives on the wall in the bedroom.

Step 3: Put some inspiring images in your room to make it enchanted and suitable.