Tactical Ways To Lose a Pound. These Easy Tricks Will Help You Get The Body You Want!

Some things you do day to day can make a huge difference in successfully losing weight.

We all know that the only “secret” to losing weight that works is sticking to a sensible diet and getting enough exercise. But, we’d be kidding ourselves if we claimed we never wanted to drop a few pounds, and drop ’em fast.
Choose from many of these smart, tactical ways to lose a pound and if you focus on realistic ways to lose one pound at a time, it’s hard to fail.

1.90 minutes on the elliptical

2.45-minute jog at a 10-minute mile pace

3.50 minutes on the Stairmaster

4.60-minute cycling session

5.70 minutes of resistance training – i.e. lifting weights

6.45-minute breaststroke swim

7.45 minute of treading water

8.2-hour walk at a moderate pace

9.1-hour Zumba class

10.2-hour Power Yoga class

11.90-minute Pilates class

12.1-hour Barre class. These ballet-inspired sessions slim and tone the body with pulsing movements that target the core, arms and lower body.

13.65 minutes on the ski slopes

14.50 minutes of cross country skiing

15.40-minute jump rope session

16.70-minute fist fight with the punching bag. Word of advice: You may want to break this one up into two sessions to protect your knuckles.

17.3 hours of shopping. To get the most out of opening your wallet, skip the escalators and hit the stairs like Hayden Panettiere.

18.50 minutes of hula hooping. The childhood pastime burns 10 calories a minute.

19.40 minutes on the rock climbing wall

20.A 50-minute beach volleyball game. The sand’s unstable surface helps you burn more calories in a shorter time frame.

21.90-minute horseback ride

22.90-minutes kayaking

23.2 ½ hours golfing but make sure you carry the clubs!

24.2 ½ hour hike

25.2-hour round of tennis

26.45 minutes of jumping rope

27.60 minutes surfing

28.2 and 1/2 hours bowling

29.Ditch half of your spaghetti for spaghetti squash. It’s only 42 calories per cup compared to 180 calories for the real deal.

30.Skip the burrito and order a taco salad instead.

31.Or keep the tortilla and opt for fish instead of beef.

32.Swap out eggs for egg whites when you’re craving an omelet.

33.Love the Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappuccino? Skip the whole milk and whipped cream (which packs in 410 calories total) and order the Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappuccino Light which is only 140 calories.

34.Swap out brown rice or quinoa (yes, even the new super food!) which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup.

35.Love a peanut butter smoothie? Try two tablespoons of low-calorie powdered peanut butter instead.

36.Satisfy your sweet tooth by swapping two Reese’s peanut butter cups for one mini.

37.Skip the bagel in favor of whole-wheat toast.

38.Trade in a cappuccino for a regular a cup of Joe.

39.Switch up your ice cream dessert with fresh berries and light whipped cream.

40.Kick the fattening dressings to the curb in favor of a balsamic vinaigrette spritzer. At only one calorie per spray, you’ll save hundreds of calories.

41.Swap half of the avocado in a 1/2 cup of guacamole for zucchini.

42.Ditch the 230 calorie-packed hamburger bun for a 134-calorie English muffin.

43.Or opt for the English muffin instead a bagel. A small bagel is at least 250 calories.

44.Swap out potatoes for cauliflower, which you can eat mashed or roasted. The healthy starch provides a day’s worth of vitamin C.

45.Skip the coffee creamer and ask for nonfat milk instead.

46.We love chips, but three cups of popcorn is just as satisfying. And it’s only 90 calories!

47.Try an open-face sandwich instead one with two slices of bread.

48.Take a break from mayo with mustard. It’s only 10 calories per tablespoon opposed to mayo’s 90 calories.

49.Forget the dried cranberries, which have added sugar, and add a half-cup of fresh berries to top off your salad.

50.When ordering sushi, request cucumber instead of white or brown rice.

51.Skip the cheese on your burger and stick to lettuce, tomato and onion instead.

52.Or switch out your beef patty for a veggie burger.

53.A serving of Snapple Lemon Iced Tea is 100 calories. Brewed, unsweetened iced tea is 0.

54.Skip the croutons in your salad. They’re about 10 calories a piece, which adds up quickly.

55.Instead of a three-ounce serving of steak, try a three-ounce serving of salmon instead. Plus, you’ll get a good dose of heart-healthy omega 3s.

56.Instead of a creamy soup, choose one with clear broth,

57.Put down the soda for a calorie-free glass of water. For subtle flavor, try Hint, naturally flavored water without sugar or preservatives.

58.Love your chips and dip? Swap the Lays for a handful of veggies.

59.Jump on the kale bandwagon and swap potato chips for kale chips.

60.Enjoy sweet ice cream, but go for ones made out of goat’s milk or almond milk for half the calories. We recommend Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream in dark chocolate.

61.Enjoy your hot chocolate with skim milk and no cream.

62.Skip the cheese straws and enjoy a white cheddar rice cake instead.

63.Swap creamy cheese for tomato or veggie-based sauces on your pasta and meat dishes.

64.Switch from pouring your cereal straight from the box to using a measuring cup to cut your cereal calorie count in half.

65.Get the same taste of a Budweiser, but for a third of the calories with Bud Select 55.

66.Make your cosmos 100 calories skinnier by mixing raspberry-infused vodka with club soda.

67.Swap the coke in your rum and Coke for a diet.

68.Cut your wine calories in half by opting for Chardonnay (the lightest option) as a wine spritzer — equal parts wine and soda water.

69.Out at the bar? You should order water between every drink. You’ll consume half the calories.

“Spend time around like-minded people. If you want to really lose weight and keep it off, you need to spend time around people who will support your goals, not sabotage you. Whether they’re food pushers or unintentionally influencing your bad behaviors, those who don’t have your best interests in mind will ultimately drain your efforts and steer you down the wrong path.” — S.L.

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