Revolutionary Discovery: Goodbye Dental Implants Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks!

I consider that we all are aware with what implants really mean, principally the elders. Very useful and completely best solution to fill the hole after the tooth has been taken out. Trust me; you will be pleased when we tell you about this flawless discovery.

This is what you should know – group of scientists in the field of dental medicine, found an astounding way to replace the already pulled out tooth. Therefore, this is revolutionary discovery that goes far beyond the classic denture and implants.

D-r Jeremy Mao, University of Columbia, is on the head of this research and his results are completely incredible. He claims that his amazing discovery will make new teeth grow in the oral cavity. Also D-r Mao built a scaffold for teeth, covering these steam cells in the body. He actually was helping the new teeth regeneration, with using their DNA. Therefore, this modern technology promises an optimistic future for dental care.

Imagine that you can avoid the long and painful process of removing teeth?  This modern technology will allow your teeth to grow in just nine to ten weeks. The device needs to be positioned and accepted from the organism. The thing that is especially relevant about this implant method is that all the way quality materials are used in order to replace the missing tooth.

D-r Mao said: ‘Your missing tooth is being replaced with stem cells, from your own body. And the tooth merges with the surrounding tissue. Yes, it’s simple as that! This will increase the regeneration process and it will result in fast recovery.’


In conclusion, this procedure is still running the trial process and it is not available for everyone in this world. It’s still pending for approval from the medical authorities. There have been many developments in the last decades in the field of dental medicine and their common thing is that all promise a healthy and completely natural way for replacing the lost tooth. Therefore, if this discovery reaches its bright light, our life’s will be completely changed and all in perfect positive way.

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