What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

Sleeping has an extremely important role in people’s health. In general, a human being is sleeping on average 25 years in its lifetime, or 7-8 hours per night. On the other hand, to improve your overall well-being, it is not only important to get sufficient sleep but to get the right position to sleep.

The position in which people sleep affects different aspects of your body, like blood pressure, also sinus infection and numerous other conditions. Thus, if you want to heal some health condition that is bothering you for a long time, make sure you focus not only on how much you sleep but also on your sleeping position.

These are 9 sleeping positions that will help you lessen some diseases:


In the circumstance of shoulder pain, it is best for you to sleep on the side which is not painful; with your legs little twisted. Or you can simply hold on to one pillow, placing it near your chest, and another one in the middle of your knees.


If you grieve from back pain, you ought to lie on your back with a pillow under your knees and a rolled-up towel placed under the curve of your back. For this kind of pain your sleeping position really matters and you should sleep in the body position that works the best for you.


When it comes to headaches, then the sleeping position can either get rid of them or simply make them worse. Some headaches that happen during the day usually result from twisted neck all through sleeping. Because of this, you should surround your head with pillows in order to avoid turning.


Crucial role for a sinus infection is your sleeping position, and it could be either injurious or beneficial. Sleep with raised up head in order to prevent the secretion from pooling in your sinuses.


Consult a doctor about your general condition and the condition of your blood pressure, before you explore any alternative solutions for this health issue.

Sleeping with your face down can meaningfully lower your blood pressure.


Certain sleep position can lessen painful PMS-related symptoms. For this condition, you ought to place a pillow under your knees in order to prevent spine curving.


Additional neck support will make an important difference if you suffer from neck pain. Take a small rolled-up towel and put it just under your neck. You can also place it under your pillowcase in order to fix it.


Sleeping on the left side is recommended for better digestion. This is essential because the stomach is located on the left side in the human body. So, when you are sleeping on the left side, you enable gravity to improve the digestive process.


You can treat heartburn with sleeping on your left side.

Above are just some of the many sleeping positions that can increase your overall health. Yet, you should still consult your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

So, chose your right position to sleep? It will certainly alleviate your health problem and also improve your sleep quality.


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