Scientist Just Discovered The Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado Seeds – MUST READ!

The avocado is really a unique fruit and many people enjoy consuming it. Because of the high consistence of healthy fats it has many benefits for the health.

Avocado’s are delicious, creamy and unquestionably one of the many great foods available on supermarket. They contain vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, potassium and folate.

In most cases people just eat the flesh of the fruit and they are throwing the seed away. According to recent study, there is a composite in avocado seeds that will surely change your mind about disposing the seeds.

It has been told that the key for treating a rare deadly type of leukemia also known as Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), an destructive form of cancer that is attacking the while blood cells, its precisely the avocado seed.

The University of Waterloo, Mount Sinai Hospital, and also University of Perugia, found out that the seed holds a compound called avocatin B, which is truly effective in fighting the cells that are causing the blood cancer.

After their researches many scientists became fascinated by this avocatin B. As a result, they started to plan how to develop a drug for leukemia using this same composite.

As for now, the existing treatments for this fatal disease are:

• Biological Therapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Chemotherapy
• Targeted Therapy
• Stem Cell Transplant

The avocado seed has a mass of nutrients and it’s loaded with bioactive phytochemicals and antioxidants. Over 70% of the complete antioxidant is avocados are contained in the seed.

This is how you should consume avocado seeds:

– First extract the seed from the fruit
– After that place the seed in a plastic bag
– Crush it with a hammer
– Once it’s crushed, add it to your much loved smoothie
– You may also use a blender right after you crush it with hammer

Source: Steth News
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