Did You Know That Stress Can Be Controlled With Proper Diet? Start Reducing Your Anxiety Right Away

We live under constant stress. Someone alleviates it through sports, other through a job, and someone through food. Often, when someone is stressed eats excessively or does not eat at all. I suppose you know, credits for the first ones.

In our everyday life different stressful situations can happen, and they consume our body and metabolism. Also, these stressful situations can collapse our immune system.

Each individual deals with the stress in a different way.

Practical advice

These few practical tips can help you to amortize and also relieve stress.

How to start the day

In fact, you should start every morning of the day with 5 nuts. They contain large amounts of B vitamins that are essential for the nervous system.

Citrus fruits

Then go and have a natural orange juice with a spoonful of honey. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which maintains the normal range secretion of the hormone that causes stress. Honey with its 63 trace elements contributes to relaxation and stress alleviation. After this morning ritual, drink chamomile tea. Chamomile has been proven to protect the body from stress. It balances the release of stress hormones and supports the organs that secrete (pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal gland). In periods with constant tension it is recommended that this tea is consumed in a cup three times a day.

Eat complex carbohydrates

When we talk about food that relieves stress, preference will be given to complex carbohydrates. In the first place I would point out the potatoes because of Lupine. It is best to prepare them with the shell. Of course all kinds of cabbage, then celery, lentils, peas, carrots and beans have also a prominent place.

According to recent research, the avocado is number one Nutritive, which contains specific carbohydrate called Mannoheptulose. This type of sugar stimulates insulin secretion of pancreatic hormone.

Furthermore, phosphatidylcholine which is found in soy strengthens the nerves. In soybeans there is also vitamin E, which helps in reduction of stress. It is found in olives, herbal oils and corn. When you are stressed, reach out for olives, shellfish and marine fish, whole grains and nuts. Products containing folic acid, such as puff vegetables, are relaxing the nervous system.

Fruit and vegetables

Daily diet consisted from enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables revitalize our body. Most important are strawberries, cherries, pineapple, kiwi, melons and pears. And for most appreciated vegetables here we can also mention celery, carrots, white radish and ginger.

What should you avoid?

Alcohol, coffee and sugary drinks are creating fertile ground for deepening stress. Eating healthy food will help you to reduce the stress.

Eat healthy to preserve your health.

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