Genius Things You Can Do With Your Used Tea Bags

While most of us really enjoy the health benefits of tea, guess you didn’t know how you can make the most of the used bags of tea? Believe it or not, they will help save the family budget.

This is the way that this can happen:

Skin irritation, burns, bruises, mosquito bites

Take one dried tea bag and moisten it with water. Afterwards apply it to a place that has inflammation and you should certainly consider that it can solve the inflammation right away.  You can also use the advantage of this trick for the dark circles and for reducing the swelling around the eyes and refresh this area.

Unpleasant smell of shoes

Place one dried tea bag in each shoe and let it stand overnight. It will completely soak up the bad odors.

Bad smells from refrigerator

Once in a while in everyone’s refrigerator can appear bad odor. But you do not have to buy baking soda to solve the bad odor from your refrigerator. A few tea bags in a plastic container will work it all equally well!

Washing dishes

Teabags can help very much if a bunch of unwashed fat dishes is waiting for you. Dive few teabags in the sink with the dirty dishes and bags will be degreased immediately. If you leave them to stand overnight, the next day it will be much easier for you to wash the dishes.

Bugs, rodents and other pests

In constant fight against these insects dried tea bags can help in a great deal. Just leave them in the kitchen cabinet and other critical parts of the apartment. Mint tea bags are the most efficient because mice and bugs cannot stand this smell.

For that reason, the next time you drink a cup of warm drink, do not throw the bag. Try instead some of these useful tricks and save money.