How to Stop the Ringing in the Ears and Head

What is tinnitus – professional medical term for an unpleasant buzzing sounds that are known by the name of rustling, whistling or ringing in the ears. According to the latest statistics tingle in adults occurs in almost every fifth person in some form.

The lack of concentration at work, sleep problems, daily noise, loud music, or problems with the cervical parts of the spine are just some of the problems that plague sufferers of this unpleasant symptoms?

What can cause tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a very mysterious phenomenon that it cannot be called a disease because it is only a manifestation Symptom; a subjective perception of sound that does not exist. Tinnitus appearing constantly can remind the patient to the murmur of water, rustling leaves, meowing cats and much more. Over 50 percent of people cannot find a term to describe this uncomfortable phenomenon. The causes of tinnitus are numerous, may arise from ordinary resins and wax – wax accommodated in the ear abutting the tympanic membrane and causes the feeling of noise, to a serious tumor.

Tinnitus can be intermittent or permanent – constant. In almost every five adults sometimes appears as annoying noise in the ears of various types and duration, but is quite common in older people, in which it occurs and the elderly hearing loss. Medicine still does not have a cure for tinnitus and if the patients do not learn to cope with it, the quality of life becomes a rather disturbed. Therefore, a change of lifestyle is very important in the prevention and treatment of tinnitus, psychotherapy and other alternative methods can be of great help for this disease.

The so-called rustling in the ears can be a symptom of almost all known diseases hearing aid, ear infections, otosclerosis, tube obstruction, Meniere’s disease, hearing damage, also tumors of the auditory nerve and brain, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, due to head injuries, diabetes and more. Ringing in the ears from loud music is very often or is caused by frequent exposure to noise (mostly in the workplace). Also common cause of noise in the ear is damage of the delicate hair cells bang (mainly treated with timely treatment). Possible causes are diseases of the cervical spine, as well as diseases of the teeth and jaw joint.

Here is the complete list of causes:


  • Affected cervical spine
  • Diseases of the jaw joint and the teeth
  • Elderly hearing loss
  • Tumor of the auditory nerve
  • Heart and cardiovascular ailments
  • Metabolism
  • Kidney
  • Common dizziness
  • Poisoning with drugs and other intoxication
  • Ossification ossicles (stirrups)
  • Otosclerosis
  • Interference in the functioning of the Eustachian tube,
  • Head injuries and diseases of the central nerve system
  • Tinnitus can occur after anesthesia (spinal, etc.).

What are differences between acute and chronic tinnitus?

When tinnitus appears for the first time, and it is present also the next day; it is advisable to take mandatory examination by experts – ENT. If the rustling in the ears is followed by a mild hearing loss, you should urgently contact a specialist and there is also high probability that you already developed acute hearing loss. The therapy consists mainly tools for stimulating circulation and infusion with a certain mode of action (Reologica).

Often for tinnitus mild salt solutions with cortisone can be applied, which should help revitalize the small hair cells located in the inner ear. In addition, it is advisable that a person during treatment is more isolated from the stressful situation. In the case of acute damage to the inner ear hearing loss, apply the cortisone before treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. The goal of this therapy is that by bringing oxygen and under a lot of pressure the auditory cells restart.

The term “chronic tinnitus” means a permanent ringing in the ears, but most people who suffer from this disorder have learned to accept that their situation does not feel or hardly feel significant interference, because direct attention to other important life stuff. However, some people’s constantly buzzing in the ear causes very high interference both in business and private life, which is primarily related to the lack of concentration and attention, sleep disturbances, hypersensitivity to any loud noises, depression, limit social contacts, as well as loss confidence. In these cases, psychotherapy can be of very great help.

The treatment of tinnitus – psychotherapy

Problem arises in silence, when you go to bed at night. People then become tense nervous and irritable, and that noise can lead to much worse mental disorders.

Behavioral treatment of tinnitus is conducted by psychotherapists that can help nearly all patients. The method is based on introducing the patient with the mechanism of the formation of sounds and acceptance of the forest as something quite natural, but not as dangerous or harmful disease-state which will further cause many negative emotions. Precisely the aim of this method of treatment is not reducing the intensity of the mentioned sounds; but the reactions to noise so that the patient can slowly get used to this situation. The secondary psychological problems are such, as anxiety, depression or insomnia, which should also be treated.

Did you know that fats and sugars favor the emergence of tinnitus?

A diet high in fat, cholesterol and refined sugar also contributes to the formation of tinnitus and undermines public health ear. Therefore, replacement of all animal foods with vegetable and avoiding unhealthy processed foods certainly can help in the prevention and mitigation of the problem.

Eat foods rich in magnesium

It has been shown that magnesium, which is rich in spinach and other green leafy vegetables, helps in the treatment of chronic tinnitus. There he and the whole grains, legumes and nuts, are recommended to enrich the daily diet foods. You must learn which foods are rich in magnesium. Tinnitus during pregnancy can be treated only with the required consultation with the ENT specialist and also gynaecologist.

How to cure tinnitus naturally

Ginkgo biloba can eliminate tingle
  • This amazing herb for centuries, is considered one of the best natural stimulator of brain function. Extraordinary encourages the circulation to the brain, thus ensuring maximum flow of oxygen and nutrients. Ginkgo biloba prevents and cures symptoms of dementia, slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, strengthens the concentration and memory. Given the fact that tinnitus is often associated with poor circulation; the use of natural products that are based on ginkgo will help to alleviate the complaints.

For the treatment of tinnitus take:

  • Three tablespoons of wheat bran
  • One tablespoon of fresh or dried petals of red roses
  • Three deciliter of local red wine

Extract together bran and petals in red wine and put them on the fire. Remove and drain well. Pick up the residue that remained at the bottom and wrap it in cheesecloth. While still warm tie-derived drug with your ear.

Siberian ginseng eliminates annoying rustling in the ears

In addition it will help against dementia, ginseng will have a beneficial act with depressive states and psychiatric disorders that often causes a constant ringing in the ears. This powerful herb is remarkable antioxidant; strengthens the body, improves circulation in all parts of the body, soothes, and gives the necessary energy.

Almond oil against noise in the ears

The recipe is easy and simple, soak a small piece of cotton wool in this beneficial oil and put it in your ear. Repeat the next few days, until it comes to lessen the problems. In combination with chamomile you will achieve even better results.

Tincture of arnica against tinnitus

In ancient times as a remedy for the rustling in the ears, it is advised barefoot walking on clover – which is Pearl. With the recommendation of our ancestors we will give you another homemade recipe.

As soon as you notice that tinnitus occurred, drizzle with 2 to 3 drops of arnica and close the ear with a cotton swab. Along with this natural recipe it is recommended to vaporize the ears with flowers of mallow.