UN Diet

This UN Diet is quite known and many have heard very good comments about it. It is known as the best and also the healthiest way of downloading excess weight.

For this diet you need a lot of weight, a little determination and 90 days available.

Not only that you will lose weight, with this diet you will change your metabolism and the weight that you lost will never return.

The UN Diet lasts 90 days and by that time you can lose from 20 to 26 kg. If that is too much for you stop the diet at the weight that you think best suits you.

The diet always starts with protein day, followed by starch day, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and again protein day.

Breakfast – In all 90 days you must eat only fruit.

1 day – UN Diet Protein day

Lunch-meat boiled or roasted (3 pieces-restaurant portion 250g.) Or 3 boiled eggs, a slice of bread, salad in unlimited quantities. Soup is an excellent choice but without slices of vegetables.

In this day you cannot eat cheese or milk.

Dinner-The dinner is same from lunch, but without soup.

It is required if you consume meat for lunch, it has to be present on the menu at dinner also.

Day 2 – UN Diet Starch day

Lunch – Peas, beans, potatoes and spinach. It should be boiled and tested with only salt or cooked tomato ketchup. You can eat a piece of bread and salad.

Dinner – Same as lunch but with half of the dose you had for lunch.

Day 3 – UN Diet Carbohydrate day

Lunch – Cooked pasta seasoned with ketchup or pizza with ketchup, one white bread roll or 3 muffins.

Dinner – Two pieces of cake, or three or four cookies, or three balls of ice cream. You can eat chocolate but only if it’s for cooking.

Day 4 – UN Diet Fruit day

Lunch and dinner eat only mixed fruit as you wish.

After the cycle of 7×4 days or 29 days (three times during the diet) there is a water day. Drink only water. You can eventually add a tea without sugar.

After fruit and water day continue with protein day.

Coffee and tea should be consumed without sugar. Reduce the juices to a minimum.

The fruit is a must eat in the morning because that is the fastest way to give energy to your body.

Chocolate protects the body from possible allergies.

You must be consistent and persistent.

It may happen in the first 10 days for you to have a small reduction in weight, but after you will sharply lose 3-4 kg.

After 90 days of this diet you can continue to eat for breakfast only fruit, while for lunch and dinner return to the old way of eating. In that period you should lose another 3 kg which is an indicator of changes in metabolism. If you are not satisfied with the achieved weight you can repeat the same diet, but after 3 months.