Viruses Are More Dangerous When They Infect You in the Morning

Viruses can be defined as microscopic infectious pathogenic agents that can replicate in living cells of the body. In other words, although they are small, they can be seen only through the lens of a microscope, their nature, and the fact that they are contagious for virtually any type of organisms, makes them prolific killers worldwide.

Despite the efforts of medicine to eradicate the centuries, viruses are very durable, and appear every day and new. In fact today there are more than 5,000 known viruses that can rob thousands of lives worldwide.

According to research done at Britain’s University of Cambridge, viruses are more dangerous when victims are infected early in the morning.

This research has shown that viruses are ten times more effective if the infection starts in the morning. The study found that infections are dangerous, if for some reason normal biorhythm is disrupted. For instance, working in shifts or time differences can affect this disruption.

The multiplication of viruses, unlike parasites and bacteria, entirely depend on the mechanisms in cells that dramatically change during the 24 hours, in the form known as biorhythm. Disrupting the biorhythm means that the body is “locked” in a condition that facilitates propagation of viruses, the study explains.

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In recent research mice were infected with herpes and influenza viruses. Those who have been infected in the morning had ten times more viruses than those who were infected at night.

“The virus needs all mechanisms at the right time; otherwise it may never start acting. However, even less contamination in the morning can be quickly expanded to completely conquer the body, “said Professor Akhilesh Reddy.

He believes this discovery could help in controlling epidemics. “When during pandemics people through day would stay at home, it could be very important and would save a lot of sacrifices,” said Reddy.


So when outside is spreading some epidemic disease, prefer to stay at home in the morning. If obligations are still not allowing you to do that, keep in hand a virus mask. Certainly it doesn’t look good visually, but surely it can save your life.

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