Why You Need to Wash Your Hands Very Often and When is the Best Time to Do It?

Do you remember exactly everything you did today with your hands? Regardless of keeping your home clean every day or your workplace, bacteria’s are present all around us.

Hands may come into contact with our mouth, with our eyes and the face, intimate parts, even with sores or pimples. There are many ways to transfer bacteria that can cause inflammation of minor to severe disease; at worst it can cause death.

You need to wash your hands frequently, and this includes:

  • Before cooking
  • If you are in contact with a sick person
  • After work in the garden or disposing of garbage
  • Before you eat
  • If you were in contact with an animal
  • Before using the toilet and after leaving the toilet
  • After you have changed your baby’s diaper

But it is not enough to quickly rinse arms and continue your activities. Hand-washing is recommended to do with quality soap by rubbing hands together in intervals of 10-15 seconds. Pay attention to how and where you wash them. It is best to use warm water and liquid soap. Apply the soap on the entire surface of your hands and around the joint. Then rinse the soap and wipe with a soft cloth so as not to irritate the skin. It is desirable that each of the members of one family have their own cloth.

If you wear a ring, it is better to remove it and to clear it with warm water. This is precisely because these places are a source of contamination.

Our advice to all mothers and fathers out there is to watch the health of their children carefully. They are so fragile and unable to protect themselves. Help them gain this healthy habit.