Look at the Table: This is How Much Water Should You Drink a Day According to Your Weight

Americans seem to carry bottled water everywhere they go these days. In fact, it has also become the second most popular drink after soft drinks. But H2O lovers got a shock recently when they heard that a new report has found that the benefits of drinking it may have been overvalued.

Apparently, the old suggestion to drink eight glasses a day was nothing more than a guideline, and it was not based on scientific evidence.

It is a fact that in order for our bodies to function properly we need to bring a sufficient amount of water. If you do not practice it, it can lead to weakening of some vital function, even to serious diseases. When your intake does not equal your output, you can easily become dehydrated.

The impulse for drinking it more and more also comes with some extensively circulated myths. Drinking more water is important, but drinking it too much could possibly be disastrous. Over consumption can lead to the condition hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication.

This can occur when the level of sodium — an electrolyte in the body that helps in regulation of the amount of H2O that’s in and around your cells — in your blood is abnormally low.

The question is – how much should we drink a day?

Some say 2 liters a day; and others say that soft drink or juice and other beverages cannot replace H2O.

There are people who are so used to drink a variety of beverages that their water has become stale. We advise you in plain water up some cucumber or squeeze a little lemon juice and water will be much tastier and more pleasant to drink.

Exactly how much in a day you should drink depends on your weight.

Stay hydrated!

See the table below: