Neuroscientists State That This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65% [Listen]

Recent study revealed that the song “Weightless” can help to diminish physiological resting rates up to 40%. This is due to its relaxing effect on the mind.

The frequency of anxiety is continually rising and affecting a significant ratio of the world population.  As the study revealed nearly four years ago, amazing 42 percent of college students are suffering from some form of anxiety.  As for the UK, approximately 1/3 of women and one out of ten of men agonize from panic attacks.

Teams of scientists at Mindlab International have good news. Their research is mainly based in the U.K, where they have developed a song that reduces anxiety by up to 65 percent.  The participants who were involved in the study were stimulated to solve complex puzzles at their rate of breathing; heart rate, brain activity and blood pressure were measured at the very same time.  As reported, the song “Weightless” radically reduced the anxiety in the participants.

This song is composed by Marconi Union, and its purpose is to encourage a highly relaxed state.  The musicians were working together with a team of sound therapist in goal to create the flawless blend of bass lines, harmonies and rhythms.

It is not recommended that this song is playing when you are driving. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, “‘Weightless’ is so in effect, that many women became dreamy and I would advise against driving while listening to the song because it could be unsafe.”

Moreover, we all know that the stress is the root cause of all of kind modern illnesses. So accepting a certain practice for reducing stress is of greatest importance.  Some of the best actions which we found to lower anxiety and cortisol levels in the body include meditation, yoga and also creative goings-on.  The above-mentioned cortisol contributes for many inflammatory related circumstances like weight gain and many other concerns.

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